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2021 Camp out Calendar – All Subject to change!

The PLC has received approval from the committee for the following camp outs:


February – CANCELLED

March 26-28 – Devil’s Marble Yard

April 17-19 – Backpacker at Elliott’s Knob

May 14-16 OR 21-23 – Bike Trip to Harper’s Ferry

June – Beach Week (Location/Date TBA)

July 25-31 – Summer Camp at Camp Shenandoah

August 13-15 – Canoe Trip (Location TBA)

September 17-19 – Historical Trip (Washington DC)

October 8-10 – Apple Harvest at Pleasant Grove

November 5-7 – Backpacker (Location TBD)

December 10-12 – Parent-Son Camp at Dover Foxcroft

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Troop 111 Camp!

I know everyone is pretty disappointed not to be heading to Camp Shenandoah today, but I think the troop has put some pretty awesome plans in place for your scouts!
The week will be broken into two sections. Monday and Tuesday are going to be Day events at Grace Community Church. These will run from 9-4, and scouts will need to bring a packed lunch. Thursday – Sunday will be a troop campout at Graves Mountain Campground. The cost for this will be $50 per person, but we can take this out of your Camp Shenandoah refund if needed.
Monday & Tuesday:
The amazing Timber Mountain program team from Camp Shenandoah have volunteered to come and teach our scouts the TMP program during these two days. I would highly recommend taking advantage of this for any scout who needs to get some requirements signed off.
We are also going to be working on some merit badges during this time for the older scouts. Currently, our offerings are: Engineering, Energy, Cooking, Fishing, Geology and Citizenship in the World. I will send out another email tonight to confirm the offerings and to show the schedule of badges.
There is now a normal scout meeting Tuesday at 7pm at the church. This will be used to plan for the campout. 
Wednesday:  No events
Thursday – Sunday:
On Thursday, We will meet at the church at 5pm to load up to go to Graves Mountain. This should be a really awesome campout and we welcome all parents to attend! There are ponds for fishing (Does not require a fishing license, so bring your own gear!), and a pool for swimming and a restaurant by the pool, so scouts might want to bring some money. Bikes are also allowed if you can get them there!
While at the camp, we are planning on working on more merit badges, like lifesaving. As of right now, we are still finalizing these plans as it depends on which adults are able to attend. For more information on the camp, please visit:
troop summer plan
Thank you all for hanging in there with us during this very fluid situation!!

Meeting Updates

Troop 111 has graciously been allowed to meeting as patrols at Grace Community Church. These meetings are scheduled to be around 30 minutes, with plenty of time for clean up and sanitizing.

The schedule is as follows:

Patrol Day Time
Frogs Monday 6:00 pm
Flaming Arrows Monday 7:00 pm
Panthers Wednesday 6:00 pm
Cobras Wednesday 7:00 pm

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Will work for Donuts!

This past Saturday, Troop 111 participated in the Grace Community Church’s church work day. 9 scouts and 4 scouters participated in cutting grasses, raking and general tidying of the church grounds. They worked quickly and with the cheerful spirit that is exemplified in the Scout Law. The rewards of hard work are sweet!

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Christmas Tree Sales Schedule (2019)

Our Christmas Tree sales shifts begin on Friday, November 29th! Please see the dates and locations below. Thanks for supporting our largest fundraiser of the year!

Troop members may refer to the email or Facebook announcements for the link to the Signup Genius registration for all shifts. Please keep in mind that any parents who wish to assist will need to be current with BSA Youth Protection Training, and we will need at least two adults at each shift. Trees are expected to sell very quickly this year, so we will be busy!

Our tree lots are located at the following Charlottesville addresses:

Atlantic Union Bank, 410 Gander Drive (on Rt 29 North)
Med Express, 260 Pantops Center (on Rt 250)

Sales shifts:

  • Friday, 11/29 (9AM-3PM):  Atlantic Union Bank
  • Sunday, 12/1 (12-6PM):  Pantops
  • Tuesday, 12/3 (5-9PM):  Pantops
  • Saturday, 12/7 (9AM-3PM):  Atlantic Union Bank
  • Wednesday, 12/11 (5-9PM): Atlantic Union Bank
  • Saturday, 12/14 (3-9PM):  Pantops
  • Friday, 12/20 (5-9PM):  Atlantic Union Bank


2020 Troop Calendar Update

Campout Schedule (as of November 11, 2019)

January 10-12 Campout (Dover Foxcroft)
February 21-23 ZORT (Camp Shenandoah)
March 20-22 Camp/Day Hike (Devil’s Marbleyard)
April 17-19 Backpacker (Elliot’s Knob)
May 15-17 Historical Trip (Washington DC)
June 7-13 Beach Week (location TBD)
July (TBD) 50 Miler hike (Appalachian Trail)
July 26 – August 1 Summer Camp
August 28-30 Canoe Trip (TBD)
September 18-20 Bike Trip (Mount Vernon)
October 2-4 Apple Harvest (Scouts of the Round Table!)
November 13-15 Backpacker (TBD)
December 11-13 Campout (Christmas Creek)
——————————– —————————————————————-

Court of Honor Schedule (as of November 11, 2019)

December 10, 2019 Winter COH / Friends of Scouting
March 17, 2020 Spring COH / Troop 111’s 25th Anniversary
June 2, 2020 Summer COH


2019 Troop Calendar Update

Campout Schedule (as of January 25, 2019)

January 11-13 (Cancelled)
February 15-17 (changed from Feb 8-10) ZORT (Camp Shenandoah)
March 22-24 (Christmas Creek)
May 17-19 Historical Trip (Mount Vernon)
June 16-22* Beach Week (TBD)
July 21-27 Summer Camp (Camp Shenandoah)
August 16-18 Canoe Trip (TBD)
September 13-15 Bike Trip (TBD)
October 11-13 Apple Harvest (Palmyra)
November 15-17 Backpacker/Base Camp (Mount Pleasant)
December 6-8 (Santos Farm)
December 21 Day Hike (Skyline Drive)
* Beach Week is tentative for 2019

Court of Honor Schedule (as of January 8, 2019)

March 17 Spring COH/Troop 111’s 25th Anniversary
May 21 Summer COH
September 8 Fall COH
December 10 Winter COH

2018 Campout Schedule

Below are the planned campouts for Troop 111 for 2018.  Please see the individual calendar entries (updates in progress) for specific details on each event.

  • January 12-14, King Family Vineyards
  • February 16-18, Christmas Creek
  • March 23-25, Devil’s Marbleyard
  • April 13-15, Gettysburg Historic Trail
  • May 4-6, Buckingham
  • June 17-22, Beach Week at Oregon Inlet
  • July 22-28, Summer Camp (Camp Shenandoah Week 5)
  • August 17-19, Canoe Trip
  • September 7-9, Bike Trip
  • October 12-14, Apple Harvest
  • November 2-4, Backpacker
  • December 7-9, Dover-Foxcroft with Webelos

2018 Court of Honor Schedule

The Troop 111 Court of Honor schedule for 2018 is:

  • Spring:  Sunday, March 11th
  • Summer:  Tuesday, June 5th
  • Fall: Sunday, September 23rd
  • Winter: Tuesday, December 11th (date corrected on 12/2, sorry for any confusion)


2017 Christmas Tree Sales Schedule

Our Christmas Tree sales shift schedule was published today! Please see the dates and locations below. The SPL and patrol leaders will plan the coverage for the shifts. Please keep in mind that any parents who wish to assist will need to be current with BSA Youth Protection Training, and we will need at least two adults at each shift.

Also, we have two more setup events to cover in addition to the sales shifts:
– Wednesday 11/22, 5-8PM: Setup of the sales lot at Union Bank near the old Gander Mountain.
– Saturday, 11/25, 8-10AM: Tree unloading, 1800 Broadway, Charlottesville

Sales shifts:

  • Friday, 11/24 (5-9PM):  Union Bank
  • Sunday, 11/26 (9AM-3PM):  Barracks Road
  • Wednesday, 11/29 (5-9PM):  Pantops
  • Friday, 12/1 (5-9PM):  Union Bank
  • Sunday, 12/3 (3-9PM):  Barracks Road
  • Wednesday, 12/6 (5-9PM): Union Bank
  • Thursday, 12/7 (5-9PM):  Pantops
  • Monday, 12/11 (5-9PM):  Barracks Road
  • CANCELLED: Thursday, 12/14 (5-9PM):  Pantops.  (Lot closed down on 12/9.)
  • Friday, 12/15 (5-9PM):  Barracks Road
  • Sunday, 12/17 (9AM-3PM):  Barracks Road
  • Friday, 12/22 (5-9PM):  Barracks Road

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