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July Newsletter 2015

Troop 111 Info

Planning Meetings

Committee Meeting – Second Monday, 7pm at Grace Community Church

PLC Meeting – Third Monday, 7pm at Grace Community Church

Upcoming Dates:


2015 Beach Journal of a Scoutmaster

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Day One…

Hi all parents and caregivers ,
We all arrived safely to the Outer Banks. Cobra patrol made a fine hot dog and hamburger dinner. Boys are flying kites and enjoying time around camp. All are excited to swim in the ocean tomorrow . Day 1 winding down with a beautiful star lit night.

From OBX,
Mike Nelson

Day Two…

IMG_1089Hello from OBX,
Day 2 started with some PT insisted by Nathan K. Lots of beach time !!
Great dinner prepared by older boys. Lasagna yummy!! A little buggy tonight so boys turning in earlier. Overall a great scout day. Heading to Jockeys Ridge and Kitty Hawk kites and shops tomorrow .
Until tomorrow ..,..
Good night  from OBX ,
Mike N

Day Three…

Hello from OBX ,
Well the boys just finished cobbler. Today we weathered the heat advisory on Jockey Ridge ( a very large sand dune) . Boys enjoyed flying kites purchased at Kitty Hawk kites.  The troop spent sometime here shopping around, eating ice cream , and staying out of the sun. Good news no bugs at this point, however lots of wind, like 15-30mph is my best guess. The boys helped out a family in need with setting up and securing tent in the very windy conditions . Troop 111 to the rescue!
Your boys are doing well and continue to develop as a team. Well I am going to sign off until tomorrow. We plan a beach day and much leisure time.

Signing off from windy OBX ,
Mike N

Day Four…

IMG_1086Hello all,
Well today we woke up to rain, but it passed and we made it to the beach for a swim and even some boys did PT on the beach. They had an opportunity to be sugar cookies is they were involved.
Afternoon treat of ice cream sandwiches. Some had a second round of beach time and others had free time around camp.
Dinner Frogs and panthers made Stir Fry and it was yummy. We took a walk across street to Oregon Inlet fishing center to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Now as I write this note I have on a mosquito net. Your boys all continue to do well, even with heat advisory, wind, rain, and lots of bugs.. They are all looking forward to fishing at Jeanette Pier in Nags Head tomorrow. Well until tomorrow….,

From OBX,
Mike N

Day Five…

Hello from OBX ,
Currently we are sitting vehicles waiting a rain storm with thunder and lightning. The day started off at Jeanette’s Pier fishing. We did not have a successful day, but talking with others this week has not been a good fishing week. Later boys went to the beach to swim followed by a dinner of fried chicken, hush puppies, watermelon, and fruit cocktail. Followed by funnel cakes, all prepared by adults and KP done by boys. Great team work! Your boys continue to do well and weather the various challenges. Tomorrow boys are expressing interest in more beach time by Jeanette’s pier. They want a change of scenery, hmmmmm.
Well I will sign out for now from my van in OBX , waiting the storm to pass.

Surfs up,
Mike N.

Day Six…IMG_1104

Hello everyone,
Well we made it through a tough night of stormy weather. Due to 4am wake up call for hazardous weather protocol (go to cars), boys slept to 0800. After breakfast we spent the afternoon at the aquarium  on Roanoke Island . On our way driving through Manteo we had some of the finest ice cream at a local shop. We got a scout deal and in fact the owner went to FUMA. Good times! Boys managed one more beach swim, followed by chicken kabobs and fruit for diner. Troop gear is packed and plan is to rise at 0600, final load, church services , and hit the road at 0800.
Overall the boys have had a fun filled adventure and have continued to grow as patrols.
We look forward to our safe return with many great memories.

Signing out from Oregon Inlet,

Mike N

AD ALTARE DEI Religious Emblem

A variety of religious emblems programs are used by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to encourage youth to learn about their faith and to recognize adults who provide significant service to youth in a religious environment. These religious programs are created, administered and awarded by the various religious groups, not the BSA, but each program must be recognized by the BSA. The purpose of the Ad Altare Dei (To the Altar of God) program is to help Boy Scouts of the Roman Catholic rite to develop fully a Christian way of life within their parishes. Mr. Danilich will offer an Ad Altare Dei program to any interested boys starting in the summer and into the Fall. Any interested boy should contact Mr. Danilich as soon as possible.
Summer Schedule

Here is the summer schedule.   This includes all the weekly meetings in the summer months, June through August.

All meetings will run 6:30-8:00 unless otherwise noted.


  • 2nd: COH @ Chris Greene Lake
  • 9th: Swim Test @ Hollymead Pool
  • 16th: Shakedown for Beach Trip: Ultimate
  • 23rd: Beach Trip: No meeting.
  • 30th: Orienteering Course (6-8 pm)


  • 7th:  Matchbox Rockets
  • 14th: Shakedown, Obstacle Course
  • 21st: Summer Camp: No meeting.
  • 28th: Exothermic/ Endothermic Ice Cream.


  • 4th: Kickball OGs vs Scouts
  • 11th: Mr. Williams
  • 17th: PLC
  • 18th: First uniform meeting @Grace Community Church (7:00- 8:30)
  • 25th: Elections @ Grace Community Church (7:00-8:30)
  • 28th: Canoe Trip


2015 Summer Backpacker

8eedc5cb80a35e9ed80ff0f337ad6282[1]2015 Summer Backpacker logistics are:

  • Drop off: on 7/5
  • Pickup: 7/11
  •  Miles planned to hike: 71
  • Cost – somewhere around $90, given the length of the trip.
Drew is working on costs associated with backpacker “add water” only meals.  Not only are they lighter and consume less space, but also provide many options for dinner. More to come on this front.
Items to be resolved:
1. Identify drivers for drop-off.
    1. Need transportation on Sunday, 7/5 for 12 people plus packs.
    2. Appalachian Trail
      1. Ripplemead, VA 24150 (37.414535, -80.584508)
  1. Identify driver for resupply.
    1. One driver will be needed on either 7/7 or 7/8.
    2. Will also need to store resupply gear and consumables.
    3. Will probably drive home with a few items as well.  May want to double bag them. 🙂
    4. Where to resupply – there are a couple options.
  2. Identify drivers for pickup.
    1. Need transportation on Sunday, 7/11 for 12 people plus packs.
    2. Pick up location
      1. Look for the trail just beyond the backpacker sign on the middle
      2. Sunoco Gas Station on the right side is a great place to pickup
  3. Identify at home contact.
    1. Person able to coordinate/communicate between persons on the trail crew and parents at home.  Just in case something unexpected occurs.
  4. Heath Forms.
    1. All scouts and adults who participate on this trip must have a current Part A, B, and C on file.  Part C requires signature of clinician.
  5. Boys
    1. elect Crew Chief
    2. Decide on menu
    3. begin logistics of trip
    4. identify any allergies
  6. Men
    1. elect Crew Chief
    2. Decide on menu
    3. begin logistics of trip
    4. identify any allergies
2016 Summer Backpacker

8eedc5cb80a35e9ed80ff0f337ad6282[1]2016 Summer Backpacker logistics are:

  • TBD
2015 Summer Camp

======================= Update #1 =======================


Need drivers to get us there and back please contact Matt Carroll if you can drive one or both ways.

Shake down is Tuesday July 14, all boys first class and below need to come prepared and packed.

  • Leaving Sunday July 19
  • Report to Sutherland School parking lot at 11:30am
  • Departure for camp at 12pm
  • There is no lunch served at camp on the 19th nor will we be stopping so come having had lunch or with a bag lunch. If you bring a bag lunch make sure it is ok to eat in the car of the driver you are riding with or wait until we get to camp.
  • Family night is Friday 7/24 parents please arrive no earlier than 4pm.  No pets, check in at camp HQ when arrive to receive arm band.  Also on parents night there are multiple options for dinner often camp does an order for pizza (Dominos), Camp provides a nice meal for the boys that meal tickets can be purchased for visiting families or families can bring a picnic dinner.
  • If someone would like to coordinate it I think a troop picnic/pot luck would be an awesome solution, we have a camp fire and some good cooks if someone is interested in coordinating such an event that would be a great option for all.  If you are interested in coordinating such an event please let me know.

======================= Original Post =======================

Summer camp this year will be July 19 – July 25. Please complete all the questions below to help with camp registration, primarily with the selection of merit badge classes or activities. For the schedule of merit badge classes, please see page 4 of the 2015 Camp Shenandoah Program Guide. Prerequisites and descriptions of the merit badges can found later in the same program guide.

Early registration for camp Shenandoah is due 4/28 and will be $250 (total). It will be $275 for any boys adding after May 1st. There are additional fees due for some activities and merit badges. Those fees can be paid before or at the time of camp. There is a program specially tailored for the new scouts at Shenandoah (Timber Mountain) that I will be talking to the boys about in the near future. As well, Camp Shenandoah has high adventure opportunities that I can also discuss with older boys. If the fee is keeping a boy from going please let us know there are opportunities through the troop for assistance.

Adults $85 no early fee break (If you paid initial $100 fee for Ottari talk to Mr. Otto about the difference)

Please make checks out to Troop 111.

Please sign up for merit badges HERE.

For more information about Merit Badges please consult the Camp Shenandoah Program guide.

Start making appointments, if needed, for your annual physicals.  We need forms A, B and C up to date by the date of the trip for any trips over 72 hours.

Canoe Trip

The August 28-30 canoe trip on the James River. We will be camping at Buckingham. The cost for the trip is $46.00. The permission slip and money are due no later than the end of the troop meeting on August 18th. There are only 24 seats reserved for this canoe trip, so get your money and permission slip in as soon as possible!!!

Canoe Trip

The August 28-30 canoe trip on the James River. We will be camping at Buckingham. The cost for the trip is $46.00. The permission slip and money are due no later than the end of the troop meeting on August 18th. There are only 24 seats reserved for this canoe trip, so get your money and permission slip in as soon as possible!!!