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April Newsletter 2015

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Upcoming Dates:

Planning Meetings

  • Committee Meeting – Second Monday, 7pm at Grace Community Church
  • PLC Meeting – Third Monday, 7pm at Grace Community Church



Over the next couple of months, many Webelos Scouts will crossover into a local Boy Scout Troop. If you know of any Webelos Scouts, please encourage them to visit Troop 111 before deciding what Troop they want to join. To coordinate a visit have them fill out our Troop Visit Request.

Be Prepared

April AT Backpacker

The April Campout for Spy Rock has changed. It is now two separate backpacking trips that with meet and camp together Saturday Night at Harper Spring Shelter on the AT.
The Long Hike leaves Friday Evening Apr 10 and returns 3Pm on Sunday. Location is Appalachian Trail in Nelson County, starting at Love Gap and heading south. The long Hike has a prerequisite of having previously done a backpack trip with the troop to demonstrate ability to do a longer backpacking trip.
The Short Hike leaves Saturday morning Apr 11 and returns at 12:30Pm on Sunday. Location is Appalachian Trail in Nelson County, sarting at Tye River and going north. Boys just joining the troop from Webelos need to go on the Short Hike.

Congratulations to New Youth Leaders

The following youth leaders were elected and will begin serving in their new roles after the March Court of Honor.

  • SPL – George S
  • ASPL – Adam J
  • FA Patrol Leader – Chris O
  • Cobras Patrol Leader – Nathan K
  • Panthers Patrol Leader – Jonathan R
  • Frogs Patrol Leader – David R
  • QM – Andrew D
  • Scribe – Jonathan D
  • Historian – Connor M
  • Librarian – Jack P
  • Instructors Older Boys – Joey B
  • Instructors  Younger Boys – Ryan D
  • Troop Guide – Brock S
  • OA Rep – Stephen M

Summer Camp 2015 – Camp

by Mr. Caroll

Early last week, after trying to negotiate with Ottari and then discussions with the committee, Mr. Nelson and the boy leadership, we decided to cancel with Camp Ottari. This summer we will go to Camp Shenandoah, so space and time are again on our side.  It will be the same week — July 19-25.

To first answer one of the bigger questions, any money already paid for Ottari by boys and adults will be refunded to the troop.

Despite my efforts negotiating, I could not secure any more guaranteed slots at Ottari so not only were we turning away current boys, but our new boys as well.  We had paid for 4 extra slots up front during the initial payment time and those slots filled up within the troop right away.  Therefore, in an effort to ensure we all go as a troop the decision has been made to switch locations.  I have confirmed Camp Shenandoah can still handle a troop of our size that week and there is no problem supporting both the boys already signed up and any additional boys as we need to add more.

Early registration for camp Shenandoah isn’t due until 4/28 and will be $250 (total) and it will be $275 for any boys adding after May 1st.  There are additional fees due for some activities and merit badges.  Those fees can be paid before or at the time of camp.  There is a program specially tailored for the new scouts at Shenandoah (Timber Mountain) that I will be talking to the boys about in the near future.  As well, Camp Shenandoah has high adventure opportunities that I can also discuss with older boys.

Sorry for confusion and I am sure some frustration.  Camp Ottari was an attempt by the boys to try something new and we (boy leaders and adults) have learned a lot about going out of council for summer camp for the future.  If anyone has questions please feel free to contact me.

Aviation Merit Badge

Mr. Dolan is a counselor for aviation merit badge. He was saying he would phase out unless there’s a group that wants to do it. If any scout would like to coordinate a group to take this merit badge please contact Mr. Nelson and Mr. Dolan.

Life to Eagle

Mr. Funk will be presenting the Life to Eagle Trail in April. This is a parents and scouts presentation on the process to complete the rank of Eagle Scout. It is recommended for Star and Life Scouts and their parents.

Troop Beach Week June 21-26

If you are starting to plan your summer, make sure to reserve June 21-26 for the Troop Beach trip to Oregon Inlet. Details to come.

50 Miler

The troop has started planning a 50-miler. Let ASM Dave Hietanen know if you are interested.


For most Scouts, it is time to renew their annual medical forms. If a Scout is attending Beach Week or Summer Camp, they need to have Forms A, B, and C completed which includes a physical. If not attending a longer event, a parent needs to update Form A and B annually. ASMs should also update medical forms annually. Medical forms should be given to Treasurer Mr. Otto. The link for Medical Forms can be found under Scout Links on the troop website. If the timing doesn’t work for your insurance coverage, MedExpress provides physicals for $20. Call 978-3998 for the Charlottesville  Seminole Square location. Make sure to bring the form with you.

Tax Time

When Baden-Powell said “Be Prepared,” I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about income tax returns.

But still, there’s no better advice than that two-word phrase during tax time.

There is a good article on Scouting and deduction on Scouting Magazine blog. (