Boy Scouts of America

Parent / Adult / Wood Badge Training

As we roll into the new school year please take a moment to ensure that all of your scout training is up to dates. All parents are encouraged to take the Youth Protection Training. This is a way to ensure that all the boys are operating in a safe and secure environment. Here is a good article on why you should take it.

Adult leaders please check you training records and ensure that you are up to date as well. Please ensure you have the correct training needed for any outings you are organizing. Training such as Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense and Climb On Safely might be needed, depending on your unit’s plans for the trip

Volunteers expect fun and fellowship at a Wood Badge course, but much more awaits. Wood Badge for the 21st Century is the highest and most advanced training course offered by the Boy Scouts of America.  While it is rich in scouting history and tradition, participants will spend 6 full days and nights learning modern leadership theories from contemporary scholars. Many companies feel the investment in Wood Badge makes a huge difference in the leadership capabilities of their employees who go through the experience.

SJAC’s Wood badge program will occur September 25-27 (1st weekend) October 9-11 (2nd weekend) and will be held at Camp Shenandoah.