Boy Scouts of America


Apple Harvest Recap

We recently went to the Apple Harvest Camporee. Before we went on the camping trip, each patrol had to build a travois to do a race.

On Friday, October 10th we left from Charlottesville to Pleasant Grove, Palmyra, VA.  When we got there Friday night, we set up camp. The next morning we ate breakfast and soon after went to different stations like Tomahawks, The Battering Ram, Giant Jenga, and River Crossing. There were also big events like the 5K trail run and cooking competitions.  In addition to all that, we had eight Webelos from Pack 174 camp with us. We fared well in camp wide competitions, the Flaming Arrows took home second place in the Travois Race, and Panthers took home first place in the Dutch Oven Dessert competition. Even though it rained most of the time, we still had a blast.


~Troop Historian





Canoe Trip

On the second weekend of August, we went canoeing on the James River. We were dropped off about eight miles upstream of our campsite and we paddled our way back down through a few rapids and herds of tubers. Though an OG’s phone was dropped in the river, it was fortunate to have the luxury of a water proof case. Following the canoeing, those who were not weary played manhunt for a few hours. All who went had a great trip.