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Christmas Tree Sales

Scouts support the troop and earn funds for their individual Scout Accounts by participating in BSA Christmas Tree sales. Profits from the tree sales are split 60% to troops and 40% for Camp Shenandoah maintenance. A scout earns credit for hours worked by him and up to one parent. Last year the rate was around $5 per hour. Summer Camp costs around $310, you could earn your own way!

The Troop job is to unload trees at Overhead Door (1800 Broadway St) on Sat Nov 29th at 8AM rain or shine. The tree unloading is for all scouts so please come. Bring gloves, water, snacks, and box cutter[ if you have totin chip], no uniforms and dress for any weather because the unloading must happen rain or shine. We will be taking trees off the truck(s), cutting the strings off the trees and putting tags on the trees.

Please call/email Roger Jones at 434-974-6394 home, 434-882-4133 cell, with any questions regarding unloading or tree sales.

Tree Sales Locations:

Barracks Road is at the corner of Barracks Rd and Emmet Street in the ALC Printing store parking lot

Better Living is between the Better Living store and Price Chevrolet on 29 north of town

Pantops is close to 250 near the old Ponderosa restaurant.

 For tree sales, scouts should dress appropriately and uniforms are not required due to tree sap, bring gloves, knife, water/hot drink, snack, flashlight for evening hours. Remember, it is the Scout’s responsibility to identify his replacement, not his Patrol Leader’s. At least two adults are needed for each time slot. If a Scout wants extra hours, he should contact patrol leaders. Extra time can also be logged by helping load/deliver trees to the different lots.

Parents should bring water/coffee, loppers, battery operated saws, pocketknife, flashlight, change (1s and 5s). We can accept credit cards if a parent has a smart phone and the appropriate ap. Scanner will be provided.

 Tree Selling Schedule with Patrols

Lot                   Date    Time                Patrol

Better Living     Mon 12/1 5pm – 9pm   Cobras
Barracks Rd      Thurs 12/4 5pm – 9pm  Frogs

Barracks Rd      Sun 12/7 3pm – 6pm    Panthers

Barracks Rd      Sun 12/7 6pm – 9pm    Cobras

Better Living     Mon 12/8 5pm – 9pm   FA

Pantops            Wed 12/10 5pm – 9pm Frogs

Barracks Rd      Mon 12/15 5pm – 9pm Panthers

Better Living     Wed 12/17 5pm – 9pm FA

Better Living     Thurs 12/18 5pm – 9pm            Cobras

Barracks Rd      Sat 12/20 9am – 12pm Panthers

Barracks Rd      Sat 12/20 12pm – 3pm Frogs

Pantops             Sun 12/21 3pm – 6pm   FA

Pantops           Sun 12/21  6pm – 9pm Panthers